What’s the Deal with Project Humanize?

Project: A task to embark on.

Humanize: to give something a human character or value.

So then this naturally forms the question what does it mean to be human? There is so much more to being a human than we see on the surface and often we don’t even understand ourselves as humans. That’s what this blog attempts to do, promote an understanding of self and of others by asking interesting questions such as; what does success mean to you? How do you find happiness in your everyday life? How do you understand, communicate and empathize with others?

I am not at all qualified to give the best answers, which is why this blog also explores readings, talks, and podcasts that are put out by some of the many amazing people who are also exploring this act of understanding. Check out all the stuff in the sidebar and spend some time creating your Personal Mission Statement!

Thanks for joining me in asking good questions,