Ted Talks for a Personal Mission Statements

There are countless amazing and perspective-altering TED talks on the internet and in no way does this list represent all of the stories that could help you build a personal mission statement. However, I do think these represent a good place to start so feel free to enjoy as many of them as you wold like!

This first talk asks you to understand how incredible of a world it is that you live in and to appreciate the many small amazing moments that are found every day.

This talk is about the longest study on happiness ever performed that was run over the course of 80 years. It found that friendship and relationships are the strongest predictors of happiness. How do you create relationship and community in your daily life?

Scott Dinsmore started the Live your Legend movement and in this talk, he focuses on putting yourself in a position to achieve freedom and enjoyment in your work.

This is a talk from Derek Sivers, an expert musician, philosopher, and entrepreneur. In this part of the talk, he lays out why it is important to find out exactly what you want and then focus specifically on that. His examples are money, fame, and freedom but there are many other things to focus on.

This short talk asks you to redefine leadership as a way to change someone’s understanding of the world.

Finally, This incredible talk by Brené Brown asks you step outside of your comfort zone and practice vulnerability in your daily life.

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