My name is Brian Boerner. I’m a 22-year-old graduate from Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska. I started this blog to promote a personal mission statement program that I started while in my undergraduate at Creighton. I think that personal mission statements are an excellent way to start thinking about these questions of happiness, success, and understanding. I also think they provide a guide and reference that you can always look back on and compare to see the ways in which you have changed as well as a checklist to make sure what you are doing is meaningful to you.

Soon after starting the blog (and consequently not doing anything with it) I went to Peru on a service immersion program led by several professors from Creighton University and Loyola Chicago. Placing myself in service to the many incredible people that I met in Peru was a wonderful lifegiving experience that I plan on exploring in posts to come. However, the main idea that I took from Peru was that there are not enough stories shared about the lives of real people. Hence since one of my goals with Project Humanize was to promote my understanding of others I decided to make it a goal to share stories of people that I meet in my life and while traveling.

That seems to cover all the basis for what I will be exploring in this blog. I’m sure it will constantly evolve and change in scope but that is the gist of what you can expect in your forays into this site.

Have a wonderful day!